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The Marketing Certificate Program offers students a flexible opportunity to acquire, develop and demonstrate a variety of marketing skills related to the broad spectrum of the Marketing function within their organizations. The certificate program requires 18 credit hours (6 courses), consisting of five (5) required courses and one (1) elective of the student’s choice listed below.

The required courses are:

  • MAR101     Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • MAR218     Advertising
  • MAR323     Personal Selling
  • MAR324     Consumer Behavior
  • MAR306    Marketing Management

Choose one of the following:

  • MAR215     Marketing Channels
  • MAR315     Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
  • MAR406    Marketing Research
    All 5 required courses will be available at a distance, via the web or polycom. Many potential electives will be available at a distance.

Program on the University of Maine at Machias website.