Secondary Education Minor

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Secondary Education Minor

University of Maine at Augusta

The Secondary Education pathway is available through UMA faculty-taught courses. This pathway is available for undergraduates and for those with baccalaureate degrees who wish to become high school teachers in Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, and Art.*

Most education courses are offered either online or through videoconferencing. Undergraduates enroll in a major associated with the content area in which they want to teach and add a minor in Secondary Education. If a major is not available for the content area in which they want to teach, e.g., mathematics, students may choose a degree in Liberal Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in their chosen content area and UMA Education courses as electives. Maine certification rules require students to successfully complete at least 24 credit hours in their content area.

Students with baccalaureate degrees and at least 24 credit hours in an endorsement area can complete the necessary courses and student teaching experience through a Certificate of Study in Secondary Education.

*Those students wishing to pursue other endorsements should contact Cindy Dean, Coordinator of Teacher Certification for more information.

For more information, contact the program coordinator:

Cynthia Dean, Assistant Professor of Education or 207-621-3192

Program requirements.