‘URock’ Legacies

‘URock’ Legacies

by Rachel Joyce

On May 7th, I attended the URock 2016 graduation ceremony, an uplifting, inspiring, and as Deborah Meehan said, “It takes a mid-coast village to graduate a class of University students.” URock’s village houses an eclectic, dedicated group of professionals working tirelessly to teach students how to incorporate intensive college work into their already full-time lives. After I experienced URock’s ceremony I am looking forward to my own. To anyone enrolled or to anyone who has ever dreamed of going to college, read this entire article, so I can show you how a couple of hours spent on the fourth-floor campus can become a cherished memory, a legacy, to carry throughout a lifetime.

Seriously, it was that great. Just in case you don’t make it to the end here’s the front desk’s number (207) 596–6906. All you have to say is “I want to go to college” and you’ll be enrolled by the end of the week. Also, I want to make clear that I was crazy nervous, didn’t take legible notes, so I have no quotes except ones from Deb’s speech that she lent me. Instead of reporting I sat back and absorbed a hometown family affair.

What struck me first was the gently lit entryway, hallways, and student lounge with the walls lined with treats from 3 Dogs Cafe and Cafe Miranda. While watching families of the 45 graduates make their way through the wide open door I was witness to the spirit, the calling, the purpose of URock embodied in a little girl named Kinzee, while she signed her name to the guest book underneath her graduating mom Laura’s signature. This is a college designed for parents striving for a better future for their children. This college is for young adults who don’t want to leave home or incur debt that will last a lifetime. This college is for the mid-lifers like me who are tired of saying “What if…”. Some were tearing up, all were excited, a bit nervous, and all were hugging, smiling, and some seemed a bit sad.

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