ITV Sites

Interactive television (ITV) sites offer “Delayed Viewing” of university classes.

Courses available at Vinalhaven, North Haven, and Thorndike are offered through delayed viewing technology. This means you can view your course lecture from a computer as a videostream, faculty permitting.  You may travel to the school sites to take exams, hand in and collect assignments, use computers, and more. Contact the Rockland Center or the Vinalhaven, North Haven, or Thorndike sites directly for additional information.


Site Contact: Kathy Warren
Phone number: 863-4800

Fax number: 863-2035

North Haven

Site Contact: Patty Sparhawk
Phone number: 867-4707
Fax number: 867-4438

Mount View High School in Thorndike

Site Contact: Tammie Leach
Phone Number: 568-3426
Fax Number:  568-4315