Center Policies and Storm Cancellations

Cancellations & Emergency Alerts

Cancellations and delays are also listed as an alert on the UC at Rumford/Mexico website.

Please know from what campus your course originates.

Please know from what campus your course originates. If the originating campus is closed, the course is canceled even if the Center is open. Most of the campuses also offer electronic emergency alerts through text and/or email. For more information or to subscribe to a campus alert:


Final course grades are not mailed. Grades are retrieved via MaineStreet (select “student self-service” “student center” and “grades”).


Staff at the Center do not take personal messages for students or organizations. The exception to this policy is a credible emergency. In such cases, the staff will make every effort but cannot guarantee delivery of the message.


Students are encouraged to take security precautions in going to and from classes. Lock your car doors. Please report any security concerns to a member of the staff.

Only students who are enrolled in a course assigned to a room, day, and time are allowed in that classroom.

A guest is anyone who is not a registered student. For their safety’s sake, those guests who are under 17 years of age must be accompanied by the adult who brought them to the college center.

Students must follow University College exam procedures and policies.

Delayed viewing students and online students who need to take a proctored exam must register at: It is the student’s responsibility to call their Center the week before the scheduled exam and set-up a testing time. Come prepared to show a photo ID.  Verification of your identity is just one means of protecting the academic integrity of University College, and we thank you ahead of time for being prepared. Read Exam Policies before taking an exam.

No Smoking on campus Policy…

was put into effect on January 1, 2013. Smoking is not allowed on campus property.  Thank you for your cooperation on this policy.


use by students is allowed and free only for school related use.  See staff for assistance.  In some cases, we may refer you to a pay-per-copy location if your request places staff out of Federal Copyright Act compliance.

Student printer

Nearly all of our students are mindful users of the printer so that we have not resorted to charging students for printing.  As long as printing is reasonable and doesn’t tie up the printer, we shall continue to offer printing for students without charging.  Please help us keep this policy intact.  Non-students should expect to pay ten cents/page for printing.

The University College Computer Use Policy

applies to all users.  Please make yourself acquainted with the policies. Basically, it comes down to courtesy of others and using them for educational purposes.

User Account.

A user account is assigned to a person for his or her use only. Logging on to let someone else use an ID and password is not allowed.  The account owner will be held responsible for any wrongful activity originating from an account.

Please note that the rear/side entrance…

is locked  for your safety and for the safety of staff. You may exit that door, however, you must re-enter the Center via the main door.

College is both stressful and wonderful, and relief is expressed in a variety of ways.  We ask that you make every attempt to keep your voices subdued throughout the building.  Some students find the Center is the only place they have to study, so we ask that  you keep them in mind.

In a similar vein, we ask that you turn your cell phone off or on vibrate when in the building.  Please take all phone conversations out of the classroom or the computer rooms, keeping in mind that voices carry in the hallway.  In other words, be respectful of others.

The premises inside and out of the building are monitored by video cameras. Inside, cameras are installed in the hallways and classrooms for your safety, and also as a means to proctor exams.

The kitchen, refrigerator, microwave… 

are for students to use. Bottled water is kept in the mini refrigerator.  Coffee and tea are provided by your Student association.  Because the kitchen is for everyone, keep these old House Rules in mind: If you drop it, pick it up. If you eat out of it, wash it. If you open it, close it.  If you empty it, fill it. If you spill it, wipe it up.


your bottles and cans in the receptacle in the kitchen.  What we make from recycling goes into our local scholarship fund.  Shred paper a very few sheets at a time; notify a staff member if the shredder needs to be emptied.

Have a suggestion?

Please feel free to drop off suggestions to any staff member.