ITV Sites

Interactive Television (ITV) sites offer live or delayed viewing of university classes.

Interactive Television (ITV) courses are broadcast live by faculty from university campuses to University College and site across Maine.  Students view the class on TV monitors and interact with the instructor and other students using a toll-free classroom telephone.

ITV/Delayed Viewing Option: Delayed viewing allows students view their ITV course through a videostreaming option.  This allows students to view their course on the computer using videostream technology. Classes are accessed via computer on BlackBoard or FirstClass.  Faculty permission may be required for this option. To take exams, hand-in and collect assignments, use computers, and more, students would travel to their Site or Center.

Sites: Currently we have sites located Sanford and South Berwick.The South Berwick site offers ITV classes via delayed viewing only.


Anderson Learning Center, Springvale
Site Contact:  Allen Lampert, Adult Education Director
Phone: 490-5145

South Berwick

Marshwood High School
Site Contact:  Lorraine Robida, Adult Education Director
Phone:  384-5703