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Blackboard is a web-based course management system featuring tools for: posting announcements, faculty and student profiles, course syllabi, instructional materials, assignments, and external Web links; developing and delivering exams, quizzes and surveys, and managing grades; computer conferencing, e-mail, real-time chat, and transferring assignments between you and your students.

Note: the documentation for Blackboard Version 9.1.8 is out of date though changes are minor. For our current release, see Blackboard’s 9.1 2014 help page. To print a page to PDF click the printer icon in the upper right of any page. Print to PDF on
Blackboard can be used for asynchronous courses or for developing supplementary materials for courses taught over ITV, compressed video or traditional classroom instruction.

Blackboard Student Resources

Campus Contacts for Blackboard Support

Documentation (v.9.1.8)
Download the entire faculty manual (1MB)

Video Tutorials from Blackboard this link is external to the University College website

Course Site Access, Setup and Management

Communication and Interaction

Course Content

Assessment and Monitoring Students’ Progress

Blackboard Student Resources
University College has information, support materials and a practice site for those brand new to Blackboard and it is a good idea to link to these resources for your students. These resources are at: