Finding the right internship is a lot like searching for a full-time job because you’ll use many of the same strategies.

Here are some tried and true methods for landing an internship that is right for you.

  • Create a resume and cover letter and customize it to each position.
  • Speak to your center advisor about the type of internship you want.
  • Check the internship postings on your center’s website.
  • Search out job fairs and career workshops to network with prospective employers.
  • Check with your university program’s academic department for possible internship leads.
  • Improve your interviewing skills by scheduling mock interview with an advisor.
  • Always follow up on leads or on any applications you may have sent out. Remain pro-active in your search.
  • Let friends, family, faculty, and others know that you are searching.
  • Check the website of any company or organization that you are interested in or call them about their internship opportunities.