Here are a some web resources designed to help you locate an internship opportunity. There are many more.

Intern Help Me
is managed by the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, and connects college students with employers in Maine.

Career Rookie is an internship site with a highly developed search engine.

USA Jobs
offers internships by the federal government across all fields and majors.  A great place to start exploring federal internships is by searching under the categories of Student Career Experience, Student Temporary Employment and Summer.

Internships is devoted solely to internships and provides excellent services and resources. maintains the largest database of internship opportunities in the world.

USA Intern
has a listing for Maine opportunities.

Get That Gig is another site with a comprehensive listing.

photo of Kristin Belyea
“The hands-on experience from my internship allowed me to use what I had learned in the classroom to impact my community.” – Kristin Belyea