You can gain experience or enhance your resume through community service or volunteering, part-time work, and clubs and organizations.

Consider the type of organization you hope to work for. Then seek out a part-time job or volunteer work with that kind of institution. Examples:

  • If you want to teach or work with kids, get a job as a camp counselor or volunteer for an after school program.
  • If you want to be a lawyer or accountant, do clerical or reception work at a law office or accounting firm. Volunteer to help people with taxes or do bookkeeping for a non-profit agency.
  • If you want to be a health care worker, work or volunteer at a hospital.

You can build a valuable professional network with the people you meet while volunteering or working.

Summer & Part-time Jobs
Try to find experiences that will develop skills you need for your future career. Look for special projects that will help develop your skills. Part-time jobs can give you skills in sales, management, marketing, customer service, and overall people skills. You can also look for a part time job working with people in the field you want to go into.

Community Service and Volunteering
Opportunities exist  in and around your community. When choosing the volunteer opportunity that is best for you, consider the following:
• What causes matter to you?
• How much time can you give?
• Who do you want to work with – Children? Adults? Elderly? A ccross-section of people?