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Getting a UMS (@maine.edu) Account

As a University of Maine System student, you are automatically issued a free e-mail account to use as long as you remain a student. New accounts are set up with this convention:

(for example: William.Smith@maine.edu)

If you are new to The University of Maine System as of May 15, 2002, you will have to activate your e-mail account using the eight-character code you received from the Admissions Office or Registrar. If you registered for classes before May 15, 2002 and hadn’t already requested an account, you were automatically assigned an address which has, as a password, the last eight digits of your social security number.

If you have any problems with e-mail, contact Technical Support at techsupport@maine.edu or 1-800-696-4357

Accessing Your @maine.edu Account: UMS E-Mail
You can access your University (maine.edu) e-mail account using a Web browser, allowing you to check and send e-mail from wherever you can access the Web.

Using an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Many students get e-mail accounts from their local Internet Service Provider. ISPs offer local dial-in access and provide one or more e-mail accounts, depending on the plan to which one subscribes.

If You Have an @maine.edu Account but Prefer to Use Your ISP Account. You can set up your “@maine.edu” account to automatically forward your University mail to your ISP account.

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