UMA’s Max the Moose is on the loose!

Can you tell us where to find Max?

He’s decided to go walk-about in the Oxford Hills area – but he needs to be here at University College at South Paris to do his duty as UMA’s mascot.

The tricky little bugger keeps posting photos of himself with clues as to where he is, but we need your help to pin those locations down and track Max down!

If you see a picture of Max the Moose on Facebook, please call the Center (207-743-9322) and tell us where you think he is! Shhh…don’t post his location on Facebook – he’ll know we’re on to him!


The first five callers will win some great UC-South Paris swag!  They’ll also be put into a drawing to win a final grand prize.  Once we’ve figured out where Max is, we’ll let everyone know he’s home safe and that you can stop looking for him…until next time.

We need EVERYONE’s help on this – UC students, Oxford Hills Students, community friends, partners, and neighbors!