Araminta "Mina" Matthews

Instructional Designer
(207) 621-3338

Mina emphasizes lifelong learning in her career and personal life, pursuing scholarship in a diversity of fields to stay current as an instructional designer and the learning trends of distance education. In addition to her work at University College, Mina also teaches distance writing courses around the system. She has a terminal degree in Creative Writing (MFA), and certifications in career development, teaching, web design, and, most recently, a graduate certificate in Digital Curation from the University of Maine.

As UC’s Senior Instructional Designer, Mina is the primary coordinator for the UC Faculty Institute, overseeing a team of highly skilled professionals who bring together an annual conference for 250 UMS faculty each year. She also developed the Virtual Academic Writing Lab Tutors (VAWLT) program and training platform, the concept for the modular “Short Course” for New Online Faculty, and the framework for a career and college advising platform called Vocational Occupational Integrated Career Exploration Services (VOICES).  She works closely with faculty and program coordinators to clarify learning goals and define a strong match between the goal and the technologies or system-resources that can support those goals with the best pedagogy in distance education. She provides administrative leadership to the University College Instructional Design & Development team in partnership with the Senior eLearning Specialist. Mina sits on the UMA eLearning Committee in an advisory capacity and serves on the Blackboard Core steering committee.

As the lead author on a co-authored, peer-reviewed work with colleague, BJ Kitchin, Mina recently published a chapter on the topic of design patterns as a means to achieve social presence in the online classroom: Student-Teacher Interaction in Online Learning Environments. She is also collaborating on original research into concept-mapping as an early warning system with Dr. James Cook of UMA, as well as a full-length anthology of original research into effective strategies for teaching Fine Arts courses at a distance in collaboration with Shiva Darbandi, the Director of the JoAnne Waxman Library at the Maine College of Art. Mina is also a professionally published fiction author with several works of popular fiction available in the Ursus library system.