This University College Style Guide is meant to officialize and instruct in the use of all the University College identifying marketing graphics.

“Convenient, affordable, life-changing.”

Positioning Statement
(basically, our 30-second “elevator speech”)

University College Outreach Centers are dynamic hubs of higher education in Maine communities where students are supported to network, collaborate and learn together.  People of all ages come together, both face-to-face and through innovative web applications, to participate in programs from the University of Maine System and from other institutions. This rich community resource supports both students and employers, serving as a vital engine of regional economic growth.

Supporting Statements
(think of these as talking points that can be used on our websites, presentations, printed materials and elsewhere)

  • UC offers convenient access to higher education
  • UC is a cost effective avenue to a college degree and a more rewarding career
  • UC provides un-biased counsel to students and the public
  • UC helps students evaluate their strengths/weaknesses and develop pathways to their goals
  • UC provides a bridge to other educational institutions statewide
  • UC offers a supportive environment for people who are unemployed and seeking work or additional education
  • UC supports local employers with educational resources for business and employee development
  • UC offers degree opportunities for high school students who wish to stay in their communities.

The Official UC Logo

The official University College logo uses the State of Maine globe with an off-set thin ruled orbit. The globe uses a Pantone 287 blue gradient. The graphic ‘bug’ is never used by itself and is always accompanied by the 2 line wordmark.

There are many different variations of the basic logo. The end use (print, web, product, etc.) determines which variation. Output of these logos are mostly in the .psd, .tif, .eps format for print use and .jpg, .png, format for web use.

There are two major styles of the official University College logo, Adobe Garamond Pro typeface (serif) the other Frutiger typeface (sans serif) each using the gradient bug and the flat bug.


The text is set with Adobe Garamond Pro bold type. The UMS byline is set in Adobe Garamond Pro semibold italic.

Official University College Serif Logo
Official UC Logo Garamond

Variations of the Garamond Logo:

UC Garamond Logo with drop shadow
UC garamond logo w drop shadow
University College Garamond Grayscale Logo
UC Garamond Grayscale Logo
UC logo 287 Garamond
UC logo 287 solid color bug using garamond

FRUTIGER (sans serif) LOGOS

The text is set with Frutiger bold type. The UMS byline is set in Frutiger semibold italic.

UC logo color gradient frutiger text
UC logo color gradient and frutiger text
UC logo solid with frutiger text
UC logo solid with frutiger text
UC logo solid black w Frutiger text
UC logo solid black w Frutiger text

UC Pendant Logos

uc pendant

Outreach Center Logos

San Serif Logos

UC at Bath-Brunswick

East Mill







Guidelines for Use

The UC logo should always retain the original height and width ratio no matter what the finish size. As previously mentioned the graphic ‘bug’ is never used by itself and is always accompanied by the 2 line wordmark.

Official Colors

The blue used in the official University College logo for print (cmyk) is

Pantone 287c (dark blue – coated stock) for spot, c=100.0, m=69.0, y=0.0, k=11.5 for process.

For web (rgb) use the blue is 002d8d (or 003399 for websafe color)

Logo Files

Logos for web and print can be obtained by contacting Jim Knight (621-3042,