Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliographies are pretty much just your Reference list (APA) or Works Cited page (MLA) with a little extra information. The bibliography part is a list of sources that you used (Your Works Cited or Reference List) and the annotation part is a recap of what information the source was about, what you used from the source, how useful it was, what the bias of the source was, and how it has to do with your paper. What information is required for your annotation depends on the professor or assignment, but in general it is for the use of the writer and/or the instructor. An Annotated Bibliography is useful when you are writing a paper with a lot of resources to help you remember which resource was talking about what and which one to go back to if you wanted information from a specific article, but couldn’t remember which article is which.


For more information:

The Purdue OWL– This site has really good information on the definition and the different parts of the annotated bibliography.

Cornell University– This site has a good explanation of the difference between an annotation and an abstract and how to effectively create an annotation.

UNC Writing Center– This site has information about why we use annotated bibliographies and what they do.