Grammar Rabbit, Part the First: Diction

Hey y’all! If there’s one thing you’ll learn quickly about my tutoring style, it’s that I favor nontraditional teaching tools; the quirkier, the better. And if there’s one thing I’m passionate about within the teaching/learning sphere, it’s about the importance of play.

I took an English class my freshman year of college called “20th Century British Literature.” There were students from every grade in the class. We had to read a novel a week, after which our very glamorous, very pregnant professor, dressed in sleek shift dresses and chunky black cat eye glasses, would call for us to extrapolate upon themes and discuss theories. It was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken, but I often wanted to yell out to the seniors in the back of the class, “Whoa! Hold up. Hipster with the briefcase say what?”

Words like tone and voice seem so simple but are hard to pin down in a practical way, especially if you’re new to studying literature or if it’s been a while since you have. My intention with these silly cartoons and videos is to provide practical guidance on how to talk about those “fancy, schmancy” literary terms that often go unexplained. So without further ado, welcome to my rabbity, grammatical playground.

P.S. I created the slideshow using Prezi, which is a great, creative alternative to Powerpoint. More installments of Grammar Rabbit to follow! :) h